2020 THU16JAN Post Game Report RND1

Start of the 2020 Season!

After disappointing semi final results for each squad last year the Spartans were keen to get the new 2020 season going. We did have the B’s almost steal a W with only four players with tremendous heart and savvy play. All the way to where there was only 2min left to go. Boys were simply gassed. TOP effort.

Post Game Report for THU16JAN2020

Spartan A’s

Well we were happy to play a new team being introduced into the comp. Not so happy that they were really tall, young and fit – making what was already a challenge game to some of the old geezers in the squad cough*JB*cough into a tough contest. Grateful to have some youth and height in our squad to slowly edge back the game in our favour to then to kick away for the W. NikaG had a monster game with efficient production inside the arc.


Spartan B’s

B’s were happy to shake the rust off after the Chrissy and NY break.  Was a close contest against the foe. Went toe to toe with our bigs dominating the paint. Making up for G’s airballs though according to G, it was Northey who played really sheethouse. Closed out the game smartly by using the shot clock well.


Spartan C’s

C’s went on a recruitment drive and welcomed into the fold two new players, Ryan and Aaron. What a great addition to the team. You know its so when the ball is clearly moving around to an open team mate for a good look. Ball was shared around and a number of easy lay ups were enjoyed. A convincing W in the end.


With the first game done and dusted, all of our teams come away with the W and JB was able to enjoy a winners Sundae to cap off a night of fun


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