2020 THU23JAN Post Game Report RND2

Spartan A’s vs YMCA Blue

Was to be a semi final rematch. An opportunity  to exact some revenge on team who went on to claim the competition championship after knocking out our A’s in a thrilling overtime shot. In that game, the YMCA guy lost our defender only for a brief moment – but enough to get a good look away and make a pretty decent pressure bucket. Kudos. Er not to our defender who let loose the only real guy that posed a threat …. but THAT guy who ended our title hopes.

Well fizzle pop went the anticipation as they could only field four players. Even then the A’s went into a very slow start. Lazy and uninspiring bball before kicking into gear just before the half time buzzer. Second half was much better but reality check…. its against 4. W was obtained.


Spartans B’s vs Mustangs

Where the A’s struggled early the B’s didn’t get going at all. Ball movement was ok but the finishing was poor. I think the team approached this one far too casually and got punished. Punished so much so that the L was precariously theirs for the taking… and they grabbed it easily with 2 strong hands, unlike their rebounds at both ends of the floor or the simple layups to convert into points “for”. A truly very surprising loss.


Spartans C’s vs Doosters

Continuing on with the Spartans BBall theme for this competition week, the C’s had trouble protecting the ball with their game marred by poor decision making, forcing the ball and coughing up the rock for multiple turnovers. Some players had made their way back after being absent the previous week and their was a full squad at the ready so it should have been a run and gun style of play with good rotation. It didn’t help as the Doosters were simply too good at rotating the ball for a good look at one end and our C’s fundamentals of boxing out needing some much needed attention at training. An L to report for this game.



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