2020 THU30JAN Post Game Report RND3

Spartan A’s vs Newtown Warriors

With the main PG away for this game, the boys were left with a huge gaping hole for a primary ball handler and distributor. Them shoes, though physically small, are actually the biggest pair to fill. Enter RayRay, who only just managed to squeeze into them and propelled the team to a comfortable victory. Franco was dominant in getting buckets but a big shout out to Lach who played up in order to bolster our depleted roster with both Bowling snrs away and was hugely productive on both ends of the floor.

W – 47 to 27


Spartans B’s vs Inner West Life

Bs were looking to bounce back this week after suffering a shock loss in the previous week. It was a massive showing from the team with better ball movement for open looks. Dean put his sharp shooter jersey on and rained it down from beyond and inside the arc. There was a committed effort to lock down the D and it showed by keeping IWL to under 30. A great effort rewarded with a solid W

W – 33 to 26


Spartans C’s vs Allawah Speedstars

The C’s were set to play the Speedstars whom you’d usually find sitting in B div but of late, have been dwelling in the lower div. This was going to be a tough match up but made harder still with turn overs once again showing a little more plentiful in our squad. The roster was a little short but the guys will need to focus on building the fundamentals on Monday.

L 36 to 24



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