2020 THU06FEB Post Game Report RND4

Spartan A’s vs UTS

Armed with a full squad (when Stuz finally decided to show up and giving our Spartans 3 turn overs with hands of unwarmed rock to start his substitution run), the As faced off against one of the tallest teams in the league. The difference in height was superseded with great ball movement for some beautifully created easy buckets. Top of key cuts made way for easy dishes and buckets, once defence was drawn in to the middle. Each player was pumped after successfully executing these plays multiple times. Defensively minded, these were the efforts required to box out and hustle from the get go. A much needed improvement here with Simmy looking good at both ends and leading the way defensively. Steals from the guards and some great rebounding from our bigs meant there were minimal easy put backs from the UTS 3, 4 and 5. Franco once again showing dominance inside while there was great spread of points from the rest of the team reflecting the ball movement around the court. Relaxed a little too much at the end but closed out the game

W 43 to 37


Spartan B’s vs FBC

WHAT!? Spartans get going straight from the tip off with an 2 / 3 / 3 / 2 / 2 run before FBC got on the board! What a start from our Spartans. FBC then edged it a little closer until the boys kicked away just before the half. Brunz and Joel played up from C’s to cover short roster with both providing great offensive power. Brunz giving FBC such a hard time to contain and was a scoring machine. It was a solid game with Lach proving to be a force on both ends once again and Deans sharp shooting continuing on. A dominant showing from our boys to get a very convincing W. Mick was absent so his average foul count took a beating, though still remains top of the table as the dirty sanchez fouly mcfoul foul.

W 51 to 30


Spartans C’s vs Newtown Wolves

Determined not to go 3 losses in a row the C’s put in a little more hustle. The game itself was slow with both teams struggling to put points on the board. Bruno and Joel backing up their previous game filling in for the Bs and an overall scrappy match up throughout. With the first half done, there was a close game at hand. Happy to report in that the team tightened up looking after the ball and approached the game with a defensive mindset. Its REALLY nice not to get frustrated at the guys for going back to back to back one pass silly and avoidable turnovers. A few small tweaks and there were stops a plenty and a few nice fast break points gobbled up. Was enjoyable to see the C’s lead slowly creep away half through the second half. With no shot clock it was all about ball possession to close out for a very well deserved W. Bruno providing the aggressive offence to draw fouls and get to the line on numerous occasions. A good game to build the mindset and approach, not just closing out games but from start to finish.

W 26 to 21


And with all teams getting the W

WINNERS SUNDAE!!!! Happy days. Well done to the teams!


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