2020 THU13FEB Post Game Report RND5

Spartan A’s vs YMCA Blue

With only Nik missing from tonights game, A’s were keen to go head to head with Blue. A decent match up with both teams possessing streaky shooters and the ability to move the ball around the floor. A’s defence was solid in keeping baby Blake out of the key and contesting most outside shots taken by Blues’ main shooter, Corey and any others who attempted range. Simmys defence once again keeping anything in the paint a challenge to face. This lead to stops which often found Alz streaking down the court on a fast break or pulling up for a 3ball. The spread of A’s points once again reflecting the improved ability to move the ball for the open look and easy dish and lay up. Franco proving quite a handful to contain inside the arc, successfully shooting the long ball and throwing great unselfish passes to team mates for good scoring looks. Stuzzy making a beautiful drive around his defender and into Blake for a soft touch off glass finish. RayRay putting in a solid effort in building his 2way game. Just gotta remember his socks and not get injured. Thats about it I think… lol ?

Yes yes. Jordan won the game ball tonight. Was lit, on fire and was amazing to watch, raining buckets from deep. We’re not talking 5/57 either. Efficiently punishing the opponent for leaving him wide open after the boyz did a great job in rotating the ball back to Jordans hot hand. A joy and welcomed sight for sure.

W 56 to 36


Spartans B had a BYE round. Was nice to have G stick around to watch the boys play. Appreciate the support.

Spartans C’s vs Bouncers

With the Bouncers looking for their first W, this was going to be a physical game which required composure and smart plays. Joel also got smacked in the head a few times. Lucky he has a thick noggin encompassing his baby face. Already with a limited roster of 6, the C team dropped down to 5 after Rod limped off with an injury that sidelined him for the rest of the game. I reckon it was after shooting a 3ball Rod tried to defend the ball carrier and got his ankles broken. HE says it was while he was on offence and tried to do a hesi move. Dunno if thats any better. Joely and Brunz carried over their strong plays from previous games and became the teams go to guys. Shout out to Benny for his inspiring three and his tenaciousness effort on keeping on the court and being effective on both ends and Dre for being physical and knocking peeps inside the key. Boyz closed it out well and got the W.

W 43 to 34



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