2020 THU21FEB Post Game Report RND6

Spartan A’s vs Newington Dragons

A new and young team with plenty of potential, the Dragons were facing an uphill battle even before the tip off by only managing to field 5 players with their bigs noticeably absent. A’s looking to build on their recent improved plays against this energetic team and hats off to the Dragons in switching to M2M D in an attempt to get the A’s out of the comfort zone and force the adjustment to suit. A’s also made some small changes by going 3 up top to counter the dragons talented shooters which proved effective and pushing the main players into tough shots. Still have to work on defence and build the growing impact of the bigs in the paint as we march on into the second part of the season. A comfortable win in the end with the A’s kicking away early in the second half.

W 46 to 31


Spartans B’s vs Airballers

Needing to put the airballers away and put a stamp on the comp, the B’s were thin in their roster. Dave from C’s was kind enough to play in tonights game, giving the Spartans a much needed sub and contributor. Lach did his thing and hogged the ball scoring many points. He was convinced he knocked up a triple double but one has to give assists for them to count on the stat sheet. The B’s bigs did a good job on getting offensive boards but will need to improve on the box outs in order to strengthen their defensive fort. Freddo kept getting Daves name wrong throughout the game but was instrumental at providing another offensive threat and getting buckets late. Just go to work on defense or simply bring the defensive mindset from Mondays to comp day. Maybe jacking up buzzer beaters with 10secs left on the shot clock full Shaqtin’ style didnt help.

W 34 to 28


Spartan C’s had a bye round. Which was fortunate enough as ankles take longer than a week to heal after being broken. Love you.


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