Hello players, fans and friends. With the regular season done and dusted… we are pleased to announce that our teams had made it into the post season after a long CoVid affected regular season
Witnessing sea of yellow and black throughout the gym, it was a proud moment watching all the players representing our close knit group so well.
HUGE congrats to all the team members in making it to the semi finals and giving it their best.

Spartan Cs vs Branca United

This was a tough, low scoring game with all players putting in the effort on defence. With buckets seemingly hard to come by, there were some great plays which led to points conversions. Some masterful key moments even caught on camera which is much better than listening to Rod and how he swatted away 5 shots to give himself a fast break, self assist of the back board to windmill dunk over 3 defenders. A self proclaimed signature move of his he’s been working on. A wins a win and now to focus on using the last few W’s to bring home the bacon.

W!! 17 – 13

and with that W move into the FINALS

Well done

Spartan Bs vs FBC

Looking to bounce back from last weeks reg season loss to the same team, the B boys played a solid game for the most part and kicked ahead by 10 points deep into the second half and were looking good to seal the game. Slowly though, there was a change in momentum with the gap being gradually whittled away with FBC players hitting jumpers and in turn B’s presenting some predicable offense and tentativeness from the back court not drawing defenders out and going to the rim. Lach being heavily leaned on in providing buckets and others being reluctant to shoot. The B’s defense was sporadically great and G getting some clutch steals and denials but the occasional breakdown led to FBC knocking down open shots and easier layups. It was a nail biter that the shouting from the sidelines could be heard by C’s and A’s So close was this game it went into overtime, lucky when FBC could not seal the game on the buzzer with an unconverted and one play.

With C’s now supporting via the exit door and A’s allowed to go into the grandstand and yell encouragement, there was hope to will the boys on the court to victory.

FBC got off to a start in extra time but the Bs hung in there once again showing true grit just marred by crucial turnovers at pivotal in game moments. Still… there was another chance to make it go to 2OT with 3 seconds to go but just couldn’t get the shot in the end.

Tough L 47 – 49

Chin up boys. You did yourselves and our group proud representing the Spartans. We will pull together as a group and focus on getting you guys STRONGER

Spartans As vs Newtown Warriors

Facing a new and improved Warriors unit, this was going to be a challenging semi finals match up against size, shooters and good team chemistry. The A’s would need to be composed and efficient at both ends of the floor in this game. Don’t mind Nik who still opted to wear his nuggety shoes, REFUSING to play in nothing but the ankle swelling kicks. Alz did not look like the weapon he can be when healthy, nursing a significant shoulder injury so it was time for everyone to step up a notch.
First half started off with Jordy hitting a 3 to open up the scoring and the boys seemingly in control throughout the game. Sure it was a game of runs but late into the first we had a nice healthy 8 pt lead. A lead that is, until JB subbed off for a wee wee with Jordan later joining the bench. With turnovers and forced plays, A’s found themselves being 2pts down at the half and a few grim faces in the huddle.
Reminding the team its all about composure, confidence and trusting your team mates, we stepped onto the court with renewed focus…
and Franco fouling to give the warriors a converted and 1. Now down by 5 it was time to go to work. Lots of bucket trading with Franco landing and twisting his ankle mid way through the half and having to step off. Boss still managed to put the rock through the net for 2 to bring us within 1. A few plays later, the A’s found themselves 5pts down and facing an up hill battle. ENTER Nuggety shoes, Leb Muscle, BimBimBap, Steve Blake Dopple directed by the Asian Wolverine. With the right substitutions in Sim and Stuz, the dream team went on a mammoth run at one end and locked it down on the other. There were great defensive stops and Warrior turnovers followed by purposeful Spartan A attacks to the bucket, with fantastic offensive rebounds to get well executed second chance looks. The swinging result being a 15 point lead in favour of the A’s and welcomed composure to bring the game home for the W.
Not content on a decent points haul, Blakes dopple stole 50 percent of JB’s points in the stat sheet. No matter. Team win.


W 53 – 45

and a trip to the FINALS

Congrats Boys

Lets get to work on Monday and bring it home!!!

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