CSBA 2020 Summer League Final Stretch – Comp Update

Heya teams and awesome supporters… its been a while… and my sincere apologies for being so tardy with the post! Outside of basketball – aka family and work has be a little busy. Havent been able to get on here to write up any fun game blogs and for that I am sorry.

I bring good news … and that we are into the final stages of the regular season with all teams poised to make the play offs.

Our A’s are fighting for top spot on the ladder and with two games left, are keen to improve on in game rotations and defense for a strong showing during the pointy end.

B’s had recently overcame their bane team in FBC with a smarter approach to the game and earning themselves top spot on their ladder. Few tough games ahead but a welcome sign leading into the finals after being hot and cold in previous games.

C’s Light suffered their biggest loss last game but were plagued with injuries and absences. The focus now will be to Monday nights to improve their focus in the ultimate aim to cement a spot in the top four by securing one more victory out of the two games left. Currently sitting fourth on the ladder.

C’s Dark rolls through this season with more emphatic team plays and focus. Back to back now of stellar games, with the prior game to last week being an authoritative win with four truely focused team mates on the court. Placed one spot ahead on Light in third spot

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