CSBA 2020 Summer League is HERE

After a decent 2019 *end of year season showing from A’s to C’s, we move straight into the 2020 Summer League to close out 2020.

Our Monday training group has grown with more Spartan Brothers joining the ranks in competition.

We are pleased to announce that we are fielding TWO C teams in prep for next season and there is plans to yield a further team in a higher division.

We welcome the new additions and hope they bring the joy to the game

Thats FOUR teams competing in the THURSDAY CSBA Competition.

As the South Sydney Spartans, we’re big on family the atmosphere and keen on players who are team focused, have the right attitude and good temperament.

Our players are from all backgrounds, beliefs, diets and skill levels but the collective focus is the same – everyone is onboard for making BBall fun.

If this approach to the game of Basketball is appealing to you and of one that you can be a positive and active contributor to our group…

Please get in contact with JB to a part of the preparation to 2021, as we look to move into various competitions and divisions across Sydney.

Thanks very much.

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