2020 THU21FEB Post Game Report RND6

Spartan A’s vs Newington Dragons

A new and young team with plenty of potential, the Dragons were facing an uphill battle even before the tip off by only managing to field 5 players with their bigs noticeably absent. A’s looking to build on their recent improved plays against this energetic team and hats off to the Dragons in switching to M2M D in an attempt to get the A’s out of the comfort zone and force the adjustment to suit. A’s also made some small changes by going 3 up top to counter the dragons talented shooters which proved effective and pushing the main players into tough shots. Still have to work on defence and build the growing impact of the bigs in the paint as we march on into the second part of the season. A comfortable win in the end with the A’s kicking away early in the second half.

W 46 to 31


Spartans B’s vs Airballers

Needing to put the airballers away and put a stamp on the comp, the B’s were thin in their roster. Dave from C’s was kind enough to play in tonights game, giving the Spartans a much needed sub and contributor. Lach did his thing and hogged the ball scoring many points. He was convinced he knocked up a triple double but one has to give assists for them to count on the stat sheet. The B’s bigs did a good job on getting offensive boards but will need to improve on the box outs in order to strengthen their defensive fort. Freddo kept getting Daves name wrong throughout the game but was instrumental at providing another offensive threat and getting buckets late. Just go to work on defense or simply bring the defensive mindset from Mondays to comp day. Maybe jacking up buzzer beaters with 10secs left on the shot clock full Shaqtin’ style didnt help.

W 34 to 28


Spartan C’s had a bye round. Which was fortunate enough as ankles take longer than a week to heal after being broken. Love you.


2020 THU13FEB Post Game Report RND5

Spartan A’s vs YMCA Blue

With only Nik missing from tonights game, A’s were keen to go head to head with Blue. A decent match up with both teams possessing streaky shooters and the ability to move the ball around the floor. A’s defence was solid in keeping baby Blake out of the key and contesting most outside shots taken by Blues’ main shooter, Corey and any others who attempted range. Simmys defence once again keeping anything in the paint a challenge to face. This lead to stops which often found Alz streaking down the court on a fast break or pulling up for a 3ball. The spread of A’s points once again reflecting the improved ability to move the ball for the open look and easy dish and lay up. Franco proving quite a handful to contain inside the arc, successfully shooting the long ball and throwing great unselfish passes to team mates for good scoring looks. Stuzzy making a beautiful drive around his defender and into Blake for a soft touch off glass finish. RayRay putting in a solid effort in building his 2way game. Just gotta remember his socks and not get injured. Thats about it I think… lol ?

Yes yes. Jordan won the game ball tonight. Was lit, on fire and was amazing to watch, raining buckets from deep. We’re not talking 5/57 either. Efficiently punishing the opponent for leaving him wide open after the boyz did a great job in rotating the ball back to Jordans hot hand. A joy and welcomed sight for sure.

W 56 to 36


Spartans B had a BYE round. Was nice to have G stick around to watch the boys play. Appreciate the support.

Spartans C’s vs Bouncers

With the Bouncers looking for their first W, this was going to be a physical game which required composure and smart plays. Joel also got smacked in the head a few times. Lucky he has a thick noggin encompassing his baby face. Already with a limited roster of 6, the C team dropped down to 5 after Rod limped off with an injury that sidelined him for the rest of the game. I reckon it was after shooting a 3ball Rod tried to defend the ball carrier and got his ankles broken. HE says it was while he was on offence and tried to do a hesi move. Dunno if thats any better. Joely and Brunz carried over their strong plays from previous games and became the teams go to guys. Shout out to Benny for his inspiring three and his tenaciousness effort on keeping on the court and being effective on both ends and Dre for being physical and knocking peeps inside the key. Boyz closed it out well and got the W.

W 43 to 34



2020 THU06FEB Post Game Report RND4

Spartan A’s vs UTS

Armed with a full squad (when Stuz finally decided to show up and giving our Spartans 3 turn overs with hands of unwarmed rock to start his substitution run), the As faced off against one of the tallest teams in the league. The difference in height was superseded with great ball movement for some beautifully created easy buckets. Top of key cuts made way for easy dishes and buckets, once defence was drawn in to the middle. Each player was pumped after successfully executing these plays multiple times. Defensively minded, these were the efforts required to box out and hustle from the get go. A much needed improvement here with Simmy looking good at both ends and leading the way defensively. Steals from the guards and some great rebounding from our bigs meant there were minimal easy put backs from the UTS 3, 4 and 5. Franco once again showing dominance inside while there was great spread of points from the rest of the team reflecting the ball movement around the court. Relaxed a little too much at the end but closed out the game

W 43 to 37


Spartan B’s vs FBC

WHAT!? Spartans get going straight from the tip off with an 2 / 3 / 3 / 2 / 2 run before FBC got on the board! What a start from our Spartans. FBC then edged it a little closer until the boys kicked away just before the half. Brunz and Joel played up from C’s to cover short roster with both providing great offensive power. Brunz giving FBC such a hard time to contain and was a scoring machine. It was a solid game with Lach proving to be a force on both ends once again and Deans sharp shooting continuing on. A dominant showing from our boys to get a very convincing W. Mick was absent so his average foul count took a beating, though still remains top of the table as the dirty sanchez fouly mcfoul foul.

W 51 to 30


Spartans C’s vs Newtown Wolves

Determined not to go 3 losses in a row the C’s put in a little more hustle. The game itself was slow with both teams struggling to put points on the board. Bruno and Joel backing up their previous game filling in for the Bs and an overall scrappy match up throughout. With the first half done, there was a close game at hand. Happy to report in that the team tightened up looking after the ball and approached the game with a defensive mindset. Its REALLY nice not to get frustrated at the guys for going back to back to back one pass silly and avoidable turnovers. A few small tweaks and there were stops a plenty and a few nice fast break points gobbled up. Was enjoyable to see the C’s lead slowly creep away half through the second half. With no shot clock it was all about ball possession to close out for a very well deserved W. Bruno providing the aggressive offence to draw fouls and get to the line on numerous occasions. A good game to build the mindset and approach, not just closing out games but from start to finish.

W 26 to 21


And with all teams getting the W

WINNERS SUNDAE!!!! Happy days. Well done to the teams!


2020 THU30JAN Post Game Report RND3

Spartan A’s vs Newtown Warriors

With the main PG away for this game, the boys were left with a huge gaping hole for a primary ball handler and distributor. Them shoes, though physically small, are actually the biggest pair to fill. Enter RayRay, who only just managed to squeeze into them and propelled the team to a comfortable victory. Franco was dominant in getting buckets but a big shout out to Lach who played up in order to bolster our depleted roster with both Bowling snrs away and was hugely productive on both ends of the floor.

W – 47 to 27


Spartans B’s vs Inner West Life

Bs were looking to bounce back this week after suffering a shock loss in the previous week. It was a massive showing from the team with better ball movement for open looks. Dean put his sharp shooter jersey on and rained it down from beyond and inside the arc. There was a committed effort to lock down the D and it showed by keeping IWL to under 30. A great effort rewarded with a solid W

W – 33 to 26


Spartans C’s vs Allawah Speedstars

The C’s were set to play the Speedstars whom you’d usually find sitting in B div but of late, have been dwelling in the lower div. This was going to be a tough match up but made harder still with turn overs once again showing a little more plentiful in our squad. The roster was a little short but the guys will need to focus on building the fundamentals on Monday.

L 36 to 24



2020 THU23JAN Post Game Report RND2

Spartan A’s vs YMCA Blue

Was to be a semi final rematch. An opportunity  to exact some revenge on team who went on to claim the competition championship after knocking out our A’s in a thrilling overtime shot. In that game, the YMCA guy lost our defender only for a brief moment – but enough to get a good look away and make a pretty decent pressure bucket. Kudos. Er not to our defender who let loose the only real guy that posed a threat …. but THAT guy who ended our title hopes.

Well fizzle pop went the anticipation as they could only field four players. Even then the A’s went into a very slow start. Lazy and uninspiring bball before kicking into gear just before the half time buzzer. Second half was much better but reality check…. its against 4. W was obtained.


Spartans B’s vs Mustangs

Where the A’s struggled early the B’s didn’t get going at all. Ball movement was ok but the finishing was poor. I think the team approached this one far too casually and got punished. Punished so much so that the L was precariously theirs for the taking… and they grabbed it easily with 2 strong hands, unlike their rebounds at both ends of the floor or the simple layups to convert into points “for”. A truly very surprising loss.


Spartans C’s vs Doosters

Continuing on with the Spartans BBall theme for this competition week, the C’s had trouble protecting the ball with their game marred by poor decision making, forcing the ball and coughing up the rock for multiple turnovers. Some players had made their way back after being absent the previous week and their was a full squad at the ready so it should have been a run and gun style of play with good rotation. It didn’t help as the Doosters were simply too good at rotating the ball for a good look at one end and our C’s fundamentals of boxing out needing some much needed attention at training. An L to report for this game.



2020 THU16JAN Post Game Report RND1

Start of the 2020 Season!

After disappointing semi final results for each squad last year the Spartans were keen to get the new 2020 season going. We did have the B’s almost steal a W with only four players with tremendous heart and savvy play. All the way to where there was only 2min left to go. Boys were simply gassed. TOP effort.

Post Game Report for THU16JAN2020

Spartan A’s

Well we were happy to play a new team being introduced into the comp. Not so happy that they were really tall, young and fit – making what was already a challenge game to some of the old geezers in the squad cough*JB*cough into a tough contest. Grateful to have some youth and height in our squad to slowly edge back the game in our favour to then to kick away for the W. NikaG had a monster game with efficient production inside the arc.


Spartan B’s

B’s were happy to shake the rust off after the Chrissy and NY break.  Was a close contest against the foe. Went toe to toe with our bigs dominating the paint. Making up for G’s airballs though according to G, it was Northey who played really sheethouse. Closed out the game smartly by using the shot clock well.


Spartan C’s

C’s went on a recruitment drive and welcomed into the fold two new players, Ryan and Aaron. What a great addition to the team. You know its so when the ball is clearly moving around to an open team mate for a good look. Ball was shared around and a number of easy lay ups were enjoyed. A convincing W in the end.


With the first game done and dusted, all of our teams come away with the W and JB was able to enjoy a winners Sundae to cap off a night of fun


Hello world!

Finally – Our website is up! A bit of work still to be done but we are now on the intertron webinators. If your looking to play and join a team… feel free to contact us to become a Spartan. Team focused players preferred – actually, its a pre-requisite 🙂